Friday, August 3, 2007

Doctor Appointment

We had a doctor appointment today. Since I haven't gained any weight Dr Jordan said that she is going to do an ultrasound once a month from now on to monitor Levi's growth. He is 3.5 pounds right now - which is ahead of schedule. The doctor was happy to see that he is growing fine - he is just taking every good thing from me!! Dr Jordan was going to confirm Levi's sex - but he had his legs crossed and would kick her every time she tried. She said he must be a shy which I commented that he must be like his daddy...because that is not my personality at all!! :)

On the way to the doctor's appointment I noticed that the site where they inserted my PICC Line was bleeding, it was dripping down my arm! This has happened once before. We think that I must be laying on it when I am sleeping which causes some bleeding. Shelley, my Matria nurse, was able to come and change the dressing and clean it up this afternoon. They have to keep it very clean and sterile so that there is no chance for infection.

I have started hanging up the clothes we already have for Levi. Oh my gosh!! We have so many clothes already - he could come tomorrow and we would be ready in the clothing department!! As I mentioned before I don't like cutsie boy clothing. This is the test I gave to my family...before buying something for Levi ask yourself, "Would John wear this? If he wouldn't, don't buy it!" Who knew I would be so picky!!

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