Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Additives for the PICC Line

Today my multivitamins and Pepcid arrived. Shelley, my nurse, came by and taught me how to add them to each new IV bag. I can't tell a difference yet but am hoping it will help. The multivitamins turn the IV fluid a lovely, pee yellow color - it is actually a bit disturbing. :)

Levi is moving and kicking like crazy. His new thing is kicking my ribs. You can feel and see exactly where he is when I am sitting or laying down. I love feeling him move around.

I have been reading stories about some of the women who experienced HG. Their stories are so much worse than mine. Many of them ended up terminating at least one of their pregnancies because it got so bad. Thank the Lord I haven't gotten that bad. It is shocking but the majority of doctors out there don't have any idea about HG. Personally, my doctor doesn't know what to do with me. Thank the Lord for Matria. They are the support I needed from the beginning!!

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