Sunday, April 25, 2010


Cousin Rachel and Levi snuggling on the couch.

Josiah and Zane hanging out.

Josiah and Levi on a train ride at the festival.

Cutie pies.

Virginia Grace and Josiah on the ferris wheel.

Rachel in an inflatable ball. They deflate it and you get inside and then they inflate it. They are in water and you get to run ad bounce and have lots of fun!!

Virginia Grace and Zane.

Yay!! I actually have a cute picture of me and Zane!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aunt Dawn


The water was freezing cold but it was a perfect day for the beach!!

Levi and cousing Josiah (4 years old) had so much fun playing together.

Nappers. If you notice Levi's arm he burned it under our instant hot water spout a couple months ago. It was extremely traumatizing for all of us.

North Carolina

We finally are with the Kennedys in North Carolina. John's sister and her family hadn't met Zane yet!! Levi loved the beach.

He was so cute exploring!!

We made a makeshift area for Zane to nap. It took him awhile to nap because he had to explore his new quarters for awhile.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Zane Smiles

Zane gives me such sweet smiles I have to run and get my camera a lot.

My sweet, happy boy that wouldn't sleep last night.

I do think he got spoiled on vacation. Now to break those habits just in time to go out of town again in a few days.

He's worth it though. Like when I fell asleep next to his crib because every time I tried to get back in bed he started crying the instant I got snuggled in. So I slept next to his crib and when he woke up crying 15 minutes later I was so out of it I couldn't find his crib right next to me. Sleepy times. :-)

More AZ Pictures

Zane went swimming for the first time and loved it. Although he fell asleep while we were still in the pool.

Little blue eyes.

Sweet happy baby.

I want to eat him up.


We had fun in AZ for the last week and a half. This trip was a wake up call for me though. Ever since I was little my family has gone to AZ several times a year. My parents have a home there and we love to sleep, eat, swim, shop, golf and relax. It has always been like a time warp - you go there and never want to come home. Well this trip with a toddler and an infant was a wake up call for me. Before John and I were married I would go with a couple families as a nanny on their trips and watch their kids when they wanted to go out. I now fully understand that. We needed a nanny, bad. A "family vacation" is not a vacation - it's a trip that takes even more work than usual. We did have lots of fun though and it was so nice to have my parents help out while there. Here are some of the fun pictures!!

Levi was having fun kicking and getting wet before going swimming.

Levi is usually so sweet and smiley but the last half of the trip he was a pistol. Definitely strong willed with his own agenda.

John reminded me several times that he gets it from me.

Maybe he gets his cuteness from me too then? Something good other than the tantrums I threw as a toddler?

How can such a cutie be such a stinker?

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Zane is pretty fun to take pictures of these days...he is cute and actually cooperative.

I will run around after Levi for 10 minutes and get maybe one halfway decent picture of his cuteness.

Today my little blue eyed babe was putting on a good show for the camera.

One smile, giggle and smirk after another.

I figure I'll take pictures while he is fairly stationary.

These days Levi's favorite phrase is "No mom" and then running away.

Here are a couple pictures of Levi.