Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun at Focus on the Family

I Couldnt Pick Just One

Summer nights are the Best! Levi was being so cute and photogenic last night!!

Levi loves playing with John's tape measure.

Once Poppy decided we should pump up some of the balls that was all Levi wanted to do! He would grab a ball and find the hole himself and stick the needle to the pump in all by himself!! He totally has John's mind with stuff like that!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Platte Furniture

I go to my parents furniture store a couple times a week because I post new furniture on the internet for them. Levi loves seeing Kyle and Poppy when we are there! Kyle is in Turkey until July 22nd...but he had fun with Poppy!!


I had my 30 week checkup today and the doctor did an ultrasound to measure the baby. She said that he is a big boy...he is already 3.7 pounds, he has a big head (they said that about Levi too) and she said that he has long legs. I have gained 6 pounds so far...so it must be all baby and fluid. :-) It is a good thing they induce me early since I'm so sick - I don't want to be pushing a 10 lb. baby out!! Right now we are planning on doing an amniocentesis on September 7th to make sure Zane's lungs are mature, if they are, they will induce right away!! I am not happy because my mom decided to book a trip to the Philippines and Africa without consulting me...and she doesn't get back until September 5th!! I told her we'll give her 2 days to recover before we induce!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Greeley and Some Words...Finally

Today we went up to Greeley to visit Ronda and her girls. Ronda and her husband live in Tulsa and is the friend that has put up with me for the longest...we met at church camp in high school and would drive to visit each other and write letters year round. The day had gone great until it was time to take a picture capturing the mom's and kids together. Levi had a meltdown. Here are all our attempts. You can see I was thrilled by Levi's timing.

Levi said some words for awhile a few months ago...then he went on strike. Lately he has resorted to solely using his sign language - but only when he's in the mood. Well, finally Levi has started saying some words - his favorite word is "yeah". He says it about everything. Here are a couple cute videos of his favorite word and it showcases his hilarious expressions.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


To say that I am moody in my 7th month of pregnancy and low on patience is a MONSTROUS understatement. Just ask my husband. We attempted our weekly swimming outing with Kelley, Stella and Andrea on Friday and as you can see from the picture Levi was not in an obedient or jovial mood. The day ended up with me dropping Levi off at my parents because I needed a break!!

Thank goodness for that time to myself...I am tired, hungry, grumpy, emotional, impatient...and that's just the beginning of the list!! After my emotional breakdown that evening John decided to take me on a date. We got a couple pictures as we dropped Levi off.

Toddlers in PJ's are the cutest ever...I especially love the little short outfits during the summer. I post the following two pictures because (1) He is cute in the pajamas and (2) To document his love for hitting mom and dad with objects/throwing balls when we are two feet away from him. I am about to purchase "The Strong Willed Child" - the sad thing is that my mom says I was way worse than Levi. The nice thing is that she has been there/done that and I get some good pointers from her!!

Levi loves his new football chair!! When we first pulled it out he even posed for me!!

Levi also LOVES his Uncle Kyle. Kyle is in Turkey for 3 weeks on a mission trip with his girlfriend and her church...so he came over the night before he left last week to play with Levi. Levi got the royal treatment and got pulled around the yard!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3D/4D Ultrasound

Here are some pictures from our 3D/4D Ultrasound today!!

Here is a comparison with a picture right after Levi was born...