Saturday, January 24, 2009

Celebration of Levi

Last September for Levi's birthday I put together this video to celebrate Levi. Through many events my computer died right before we showed it at church and it ended up on my father-in-laws computer because his computer was working (then he went back to Missouri and I didn't see the video until now)!!! So I am just now getting the video back into my hands and onto my new MacBook.

Levi's original due date was the 10 Year Anniversary of my Ovarian cancer diagnosis. This video includes pictures from my diagnosis and treatment in 1998, our wedding in 2004, and Levi's birth up to his 1st birthday. It is about 10 minutes long...but I hope you take time to watch it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Must Have Baby Registry Items for New Moms

I have a few friends having babies and I decided I should share my all time favorite, must have items that I got off our baby registry!!!

#1. Summer Infant Hand Video Monitor
My hands down absolute favorite must have item is this baby monitor. It is the BEST!! I don't know what I would do without it!! I love it because I have always been able to watch Levi when he cried during a nap or at night - and I can tell if he will put himself back to sleep or if I need to go up!! It is expensive - but well worth it. You can carry the monitor around with you and when the baby comes I can buy an extra camera and have both of them on different channels but on the same handheld!!! It comes in blue and pink!!

#2. Adiri Natural Nurser
I loved breastfeeding but wanted to have the option to leave Levi with John or my family. This bottle is shaped like a breast. There are 3 different stages - the 2nd and 3rd stages will gradually make the milk flow faster and faster. The Stage 1 nurser has a slow milk flow so the baby doesn't prefer the bottle over your boob. Levi took the bottle and the boob from day one!!!

Some of the reviews on this bottle aren't great because you definitely have to get used to how different it is from other bottles. You have to hold them upside down to fill them up and you have to make sure you get the lid on right or it will spill. Once you get it down they are awesome. I had 3 bottles in each Stage.

#3. Nursing Covers

Back in the day when I was pregnant with Levi these Nursing Covers were pretty new and I could only find them online at specialty stores. Now they are everywhere. This is awesome for the times when you have to breastfeed in public. They are also called Hooter Hiders - which everyone thinks is hilarious if you share that name!!!

#4. Bumkins Super Bib
If you have kids you probably know that these bibs are the absolute best!! You can wash them in the sink or throw them in with laundry! They now have 2 different sizes - one for babies and one for toddlers!! They have them in lots of fun colors for girls and boys!! A little expensive...but well worth it!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute Faces

Stella and Levi had fun at the park!! It has been in the 60's here!!

Stella usually stands by and watches Levi's boyish exuberance as he runs, and plays and gets into everything. This is her cute little side glance at Levi!!

Levi loves to touch our faces. This night he kept touching his eyelashes to Johns and giggling.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We found out we are pregnant!! I bought some iron-on letters and made a shirt for Levi that said Big Brother on the front. The first video is just so you can get a good look at the shirt. The 2nd video is of my mom figuring out what it meant, and the 3rd is of my dad. Unfortunately, we didn't get my brothers response on video!! We are so excited!! We do ask for your prayers though...that this will be a fun pregnancy for all of us with no excessive barfing included!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


This is hilarious!! I had to watch it a couple times so I could hear every word!!! Just copy the address below and paste it in the address window!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night I let Levi run around naked because he had diaper rash. At one point he leaned back against the couch, put his arm on the couch, and then started to pee on the floor. As he peed he kept looking down in wonder, looking up at me, and looking back down at the stream of pee he was creating - his expression saying, "MOM!! How cool! Look at what I'm doing!! I didn't know I could do that!!" I couldn't help but laugh and wish I had my camera nearby.

Everyone I have told this story says minutes later, "Am I standing in Levi's pee?" Do you think I grew up in a barn? I cleaned it up!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mom, I want to play OVER THERE!!!