Thursday, June 25, 2009


Swimming in the summer is so much fun! Today Andrea, Levi and I met Kelley and Stella for some fun!! I had a hard time getting a good picture. Levi started melting down because we skipped nap time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

5th Anniversary

Last year I wrote out our Love Story for all to read!! This year we headed to Denver for 4 days for some rest and relaxation. I'm a huge advocate that you have to have time to yourselves - especially once you have kids. To remember what you first enjoyed about one another, to not have the pressures of life and routine constantly weighing on you and to just enjoy each other. It's amazing how refreshed I feel coming back to a strong willed toddler and life as a sickly pregnant person!! What a blessing it is to be able to leave Levi for a few days and not worry at all about him. He had a fantastic time with my parents and playing with Sofia, Andrea, and Uncle Kyle!!
One highlight of my weekend was that I saw Stacy London and Clinton Kelly at our hotel the night we went to Elway's for dinner!! They are the hosts of "What Not To Wear"!!

I wasn't bold like when Steve Martin was eating a few tables away in 'The Players' restaurant on Rodeo Drive 14 years ago...back then I got my picture taken with him!! My friends were absolutely mortified that I asked him to take a picture, but they still hopped in for the photo opportunity. This was back in the days when Father of the Bride had just come out - my favorite movie of all time.

You can see my belly in this picture. I always wish I took more pictures once I've had the baby - but I feel so crappy it is the last thing on my mind.

6 years ago John asked me on our first date to go to a Rockies game. We headed to Denver and John immediately noticed that the stadium was empty...he had gotten the date wrong!! He is a planner, so this was not a welcome surprise for him. I on the other hand didn't long as we were together and had fun. I suggested we go to the ESPN Zone instead!

Dinner at the ESPN Zone!!

John calls the ESPN Zone a "Sports Bar on Steroids". It is insane the number of TV's they have going. You have one at your table that you can change the channel on, plus they have them in every stall in the bathroom.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Birthday

My choice of activity was going to the shooting range for my birthday!! John surprised me with my very own 9 mm handgun! Yippee!! I was so excited!! I would have never thought to ask for a gun - so it was a great surprise!! For all those wondering...yes, it is okay to go to a shooting range when you are pregnant!!

My studly brother

Mom and I spent the day at the Broadmoor Spa and had an amazing time. John surprised me yet again with some beautiful roses waiting for me at the spa!!

Onto the cowboy cuteness that I live with...the one that loves to wear Poppy's hat and Grandma's reading glasses

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Such a Cute Face - I Can't Resist

Eating some corn on the cob...

Then I took away one of the little corn on the cob holder thingys because he was playing with it and was about to stab himself...

I don't know about you, but I think he's cute even when he is throwing a tantrum...

John once asked my mom if Levi's tantrums were at all comparable to the ones I used to throw...

She quickly said, "NO"..."Kymberly was WAY worse!!"

So there you have it...apparently Levi has a tad bit of me in him!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Saturday Events

We go down to Platte Furniture (my parents furniture store) weekly so I can do some things for them. Levi loves getting to see Uncle Kyle and Poppy while there. Once I can't keep up with him anymore he will be zooming around the store like Kyle and I did as kids...hopefully he doesn't crack his head open on the furniture the number of times we did!!

Levi loves getting on the furniture dolly and Kyle carts him around. This particular day he saw a dolly and went running to it and proudly sat on it...waiting for Uncle Kyle to push him around!!

All ready for a ride!!

The next activity Levi enjoyed was running up the ramp into the furniture truck, running around the inside of the truck and back down the ramp. Of course he had to have Kyle's cell phone to complete the task.

My little chair model...

After the Furniture store we went to the park for some fun!!

Levi stood like this forever and watched the big boys play basketball!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am now 6 months and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm still on the Zofran Medicine Pump. They have moved my dosage to the maximum dose. The pump is a something I carry around with me and gives me doses of medicine throughout the day and night. I change the site once or twice a day, depending on how sore the site is. The best place to put the port is in my outer thigh. After 4 months of changing the site daily my legs are sore, bruised and knotted because the medicine is so hard on the tissue. I am having a hard time finding new spots for the Orbitz site that aren't painful.

There was a period of time in the past couple months when I felt like I was getting better and able to eat "normal" food (something other than bland carbohydrates). I even gained weight and got back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. However, in the past couple of weeks I have digressed. I am having a hard time keeping anything down. I can't drink any fluids without throwing them up - which is not good at all. If this keeps up I will end up with a PICC Line again. While the PICC Line is helpful because I get constant fluids it is beyond difficult to deal with an IV Pole AND taking care of Levi. It almost makes me crazy just to think about that!! At this point I've started to lose weight again since I can't keep anything down.

One plus is that I have Levi on an awesome schedule of two naps a day. After much experimentation we found out he NEEDS two naps a day at this point...and SO DO I! Praise God he is such a good sleeper!!

We were supposed to be in Mexico right now for our 5th Anniversary. Praise God we didn't go. Numerous people told me (including my doctor) I would feel much better at sea level so we went ahead and booked our week long trip. With the swine flu we cancelled. At this point I am thankful I won't be flying anywhere and won't be somewhere hot, humid and sleeping in a different bed. The thought of being on a plane and traveling with how I am feeling is dreadful. We will be going to Denver and spending 4 days, without Levi, for our anniversary - which sounds perfect to me at this point.

Thank you for your prayers and for always checking in on me!! We are hanging in there and excited to meet Zane Jaxon!! Levi will kiss my tummy now when I ask him to "kiss the baby". So very sweet!