Saturday, January 24, 2009

Celebration of Levi

Last September for Levi's birthday I put together this video to celebrate Levi. Through many events my computer died right before we showed it at church and it ended up on my father-in-laws computer because his computer was working (then he went back to Missouri and I didn't see the video until now)!!! So I am just now getting the video back into my hands and onto my new MacBook.

Levi's original due date was the 10 Year Anniversary of my Ovarian cancer diagnosis. This video includes pictures from my diagnosis and treatment in 1998, our wedding in 2004, and Levi's birth up to his 1st birthday. It is about 10 minutes long...but I hope you take time to watch it.

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brenda said...

What a great video! I loved it! Your journey and story is so unique and so God-written. I love that I have been blessed to be a part in it!