Wednesday, August 15, 2007

After being off the Zofran for 5 days I began to get so nauseous that I couldn't handle it anymore!! I had to make John leave the room everytime he was eating a meal because I couldn't stand the smell. Thank the Lord that Zofran helps take that sensitivity away!! We decided I had been off the medicine for long enough and restarted last Friday.

We had another Dr appointment yesterday. I have gained 3 1/2 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight - which is exactly what Levi weighs right now!! The doctor is happy that I'm not still losing weight. I am going to be having weekly appointments from now on. She will be doing an ultrasound at every appointment. I will be going in 30 minutes early for a Non-Stress Test - they put a device over my belly to monitor Levi's heartbeat and movement, as well as, to detect any contractions I might be having.

Yesterday my doctor was surprised to learn that I am STILL throwing up daily. Apparently I forgot to tell her that fact. I eat only crackers, popsicles, toast and some rice - how I miss protein. John has learned to offer me only 1 or 2 bites of his meals. If he offers more than that I WILL take it - but then I am guaranteed to be throwing up in a few minutes. Every single time he shares something with me I decide that whatever he is eating will be my first meal when I can eat again!! Everything tastes and looks so good to me!!

I am still on the Zofran pump that continuously administers doses through my PICC line all day. I am never off the Zofran pump - it has a little pouch that I carry it in and take it with me everywhere. My IV runs continuously when I'm at home. I am only off the IV when I go out. If I am going to my parents or a friends house I will take my IV pole with me and hook up there. I actually took my IV pole and set it up at Kelley's baby shower last weekend. I felt so silly sitting there next to my pole but was glad that I took it with me. When I get dressed I have to thread my IV bag, Zofran pump, and all the lines hooked to my left arm, through the arm hole before I can put anything on. This greatly limits my desire to change clothes. 98% of the time I get the shirt on and it is on backwards - then I have to backtrack and put the shirt on correctly!!

The home health care company taking care of me delivers my supplies weekly. We get boxes of IV bags (they are called Lactated Ringers), Multivitamin supplements, Pepcid supplements, IV lines and Zofran syringes. We have had to designate a corner for all my supplies. Yesterday John looked around at all the medical supplies and my IV pole setup and said, "You are so high maintenance right now with all your medical stuff. This is not how I pictured our pregnancies." Isn't that the truth!! There is always a bag to refill, a syringe to change, an IV line to purge or a sick, pregnant (usually grumpy) person to hug and feed. Crazy.

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