Monday, August 6, 2007

Medicine "Holiday"

Jen with Matria is amazing - she has my back!! She called and told me to stop my Zofran pump and take a Medicine "Holiday" to clear my system of the Zofran. She said that sometimes your receptors become used to the medicine. I will continue my multivitamins in my IV bag. Tomorrow night we will see how I am feeling. She has ordered Benadryl and B6 to be added to my IV fluids. I have tried these orally but they didn't help - so we'll see if they work intraveneously.

The medicine comes in little vials and I have to individually add them to every new IV bag with a syringe and needle. I am just thankful the needle isn't going into my arm. I keep trying to show John what I have to do each time so maybe he can prepare it for me sometimes - but that hasn't happened yet. :) I will keep working on him.

Here are the vials I have to add to each bag along with the syringes!

My PICC site is looking a lot better. I have been keeping ice on it and wrapping it up to keep pressure on it - so far I haven't had anymore bleeding!!

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