Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NST, Contractions & My Bedtime Lifesaver

Non Stress Test at the Doctor's office

Monday morning we started the day with a Non Stress Test (NST) at the Doctor's office. The results showed that I was having contractions. Dr. Jordan did an ultrasound and checked me out. She said my cervix was thinner than it should be and there was fluid in the cervix - which can cause you to start dilating. She sent us to get checked into the hospital so that I could be monitored more closely. They did another vaginal ultrasound at the hosptial and told us that they could see Levi had a good amount of hair on his head (they showed me but I couldn't see it - John said he could tell)!!

After many tests they determined that my cervix is now looking long enough - but that the fluid and contractions are a concern. I am hooked up to monitors to show contractions and Levi's heartbeat, as well as, my IV fluids and meds. I have been getting shots in the butt of steroids - this helps Levi's lungs mature in case he comes early.

Overall, we aren't concerned. Dr. Jordan wants to take every precaution since this has been such a strained pregnancy for us. Other than the uncomfortable hospital bed, being woken up every two hours - and having to tug 5 cords into the bathroom with me - things are good.

Thanks for the prayers!! Levi is making his mark already!!


This is not a picture of me, but it is a picture of my new Snoogle Total Body Pillow. After struggling to get comfortable with 5 different pillows every night I was not a happy camper. This pillow is the best ever - it is big and bulky - but so practical and supports you in all the right places!! I brought it to the hospital with me and don't know what I would do without it!!

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