Saturday, July 28, 2007


When we first found out we were pregnant I looked forward to all the fun things that come along with it. Dreaming about our baby, getting their room ready, picking out names, registering, baby showers, my growing many fun, new things ahead. It has been hard because we haven't been able to enjoy this time like I hoped we would.

The invitations for the first baby shower went out over a week ago and we still hadn't registered. John hurt his back several weeks ago and still hasn't recovered - so heading out to register was the last thing on our minds. My friend Wendy and I were joking that we would have to go and both be in wheelchairs!!

We finally got the registering done at Target and Babies R' Us this last week and it is such a relief. However, it is so hard on my body when I am out. It was a really tough week for me physically. My nauseau level has been off the charts and I am exhausted all the time. Jen, my Matria nurse, is going to order some Multivitamins that will be added to the IV bags, as well as, Pepcid. This will give me some nutrients and hopefully help with the nauseau. I have been able to stay home and rest the last couple days so I am feeling a bit better now!!

Here are some recent pictures of me. I am 7 months now!! The due date is October 16th - we are hoping for an early induction though!! It will all depend on Levi's development!!

October 16th, 1997 I was a senior in college in California and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer - what an amazing miracle it is that our due date, October 16th, is the 10 year anniversary of the day I was diagnosed!! Levi is a miracle baby!!

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Amy Pummel said...

I just get so teary eyed when I think about how God is giving you little Levi, with the due date on the same date of your diagnosis in college! Man, this little boy is such an example of God's goodness. Hope you and John are doing well, despite all your trials of course. Even though you have gone through so much you really do still look beautiful with that motherly glow! I did belive that glow was realy cause i did not see it in the mirror, but i do see it in you and other mommys! you make me laugh with all the stuff you dont want on his baby clothes. i am sort of like that. my favorite things to dress lo in are things that i could see myself wearing, and i never put her in cartoon characters!! xoxo