Saturday, July 28, 2007

Veins that "Blow" and IV's that are "Infiltrated"

My friend Wendy and I!! I am 22 weeks here. We have a homemade chocolate mask on!!

After a week of being on the Zofran pump and seeing no change - Jen, my nurse at Matria, suggested I begin IV's. I was having a lot of painful Braxton Hicks contractions - which are a direct result of dehydration. I was ecstatic to get hooked up to an IV!! The nurse came and poked me 3 times before she found a vein that didn't "blow" (the needle goes out the other side of the vein - because I was so dehydrated). The IV lasted 2 days before it got infiltrated (this means the IV started coming out of the vein, my arm hurt like crazy and my arm started to blow up like a balloon). I had to take it out. At this point my insurance wouldn't allow Matria to restart the IV until my ketones (something you test in your urine) showed that I was dehydrated again. After getting restarted 2 more times - and having traumatic experiences with my veins continuing to blow - Jen suggested a PICC line. This is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter that they insert into your arm - and you can leave it for up to 2 years!! This way I will be able to receive IV fluids and Zofran with one poke!! YEAH!! No more knots on my tummy and thighs!!

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