Saturday, August 8, 2009

Surprise Appearance 33 Weeks

Last night I kept waking up with some cramping and pains in my back and uterus. I didn't think much of it - I just thought the baby was pushing and kicking around like usual. The cramping was wrapping around my back though - so it was a little more painful than usual. I contemplated calling the doctor but didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing. I headed out to a garage sale at 8:30 to get some toys for Levi. I called the doctors office on the way to tell them I may be having some contractions and wondered if I should go to the hospital to get monitored. While I was there the "cramping" started to take my breath away. The nurse said I should go in just to be safe. I talked to John and he had some estimates to do - so we decided I would go to the hospital with Rachel (Kyle's girlfriend) and then he would come after his appointment. We figured it would be like last time with Levi, I would go in and they would get me on medicine to stop the contractions. I headed home and by the time I got there I was sobbing from the intense pain of the contractions. After seeing that I was in serious pain John decided to cancel his appointments and come with me. John and I headed to the hospital (which is 2 minutes from our house) as I frantically called my mom, who was at a retreat in Breckenridge, and my dad and kyle, who were in a golf tournament finishing up the last day.

We got to the hospital at 10 am - they took me to a room and I got my gown on. I sat on the bed and my water immediately broke - which completely freaked me out!! All the nurses were trying to get me to calm down and breath - I was absolutely frantic and SO scared. The contractions were so painful. The doctor checked me and said i was complete and fully dilated. After an ultrasound they found that Zane was breech. They told me we would be delivering in the next few minutes. 10 minutes later, after filling out paperwork, we were rolled into the Surgery Room for a C-Section. At this point I still was having contractions and in intense pain. Finally, the anesthesiologist met us in the Delivery Room and gave me a spinal tap...AHHHHHHH, DRUGS!!! I was in heaven. Before I knew it they were asking John if he wanted to see them pull Zane out. I didn't even know they had cut me open yet. Zane was born at 10:46 am and was 5 lbs. 1 oz. and 18 1/2 inches long. He's a big boy for coming so early!! He has strawberry blond hair (Levi's was dark), long finger, toes and legs.

Sofia was finally able to reach my mom to tell her I was having Zane immediately. They wrapped up her conference immediately and SPED home. She arrived at the hospital at 1 pm. I was still in the recovery room but she was able to see Zane. Rachel called the Country Club where my dad and brother were playing in their golf tournament and someone went out on the course to tell them I was in labor. The priorities of my family won out...they were doing really well in the tournament and without hesitation they left on the last day to come to the hospital. What an overwhelming day of surprises we had!!

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