Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Greeley and Some Words...Finally

Today we went up to Greeley to visit Ronda and her girls. Ronda and her husband live in Tulsa and is the friend that has put up with me for the longest...we met at church camp in high school and would drive to visit each other and write letters year round. The day had gone great until it was time to take a picture capturing the mom's and kids together. Levi had a meltdown. Here are all our attempts. You can see I was thrilled by Levi's timing.

Levi said some words for awhile a few months ago...then he went on strike. Lately he has resorted to solely using his sign language - but only when he's in the mood. Well, finally Levi has started saying some words - his favorite word is "yeah". He says it about everything. Here are a couple cute videos of his favorite word and it showcases his hilarious expressions.

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