Thursday, July 16, 2009

Platte Furniture

I go to my parents furniture store a couple times a week because I post new furniture on the internet for them. Levi loves seeing Kyle and Poppy when we are there! Kyle is in Turkey until July 22nd...but he had fun with Poppy!!


I had my 30 week checkup today and the doctor did an ultrasound to measure the baby. She said that he is a big boy...he is already 3.7 pounds, he has a big head (they said that about Levi too) and she said that he has long legs. I have gained 6 pounds so it must be all baby and fluid. :-) It is a good thing they induce me early since I'm so sick - I don't want to be pushing a 10 lb. baby out!! Right now we are planning on doing an amniocentesis on September 7th to make sure Zane's lungs are mature, if they are, they will induce right away!! I am not happy because my mom decided to book a trip to the Philippines and Africa without consulting me...and she doesn't get back until September 5th!! I told her we'll give her 2 days to recover before we induce!!

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