Sunday, July 12, 2009


To say that I am moody in my 7th month of pregnancy and low on patience is a MONSTROUS understatement. Just ask my husband. We attempted our weekly swimming outing with Kelley, Stella and Andrea on Friday and as you can see from the picture Levi was not in an obedient or jovial mood. The day ended up with me dropping Levi off at my parents because I needed a break!!

Thank goodness for that time to myself...I am tired, hungry, grumpy, emotional, impatient...and that's just the beginning of the list!! After my emotional breakdown that evening John decided to take me on a date. We got a couple pictures as we dropped Levi off.

Toddlers in PJ's are the cutest ever...I especially love the little short outfits during the summer. I post the following two pictures because (1) He is cute in the pajamas and (2) To document his love for hitting mom and dad with objects/throwing balls when we are two feet away from him. I am about to purchase "The Strong Willed Child" - the sad thing is that my mom says I was way worse than Levi. The nice thing is that she has been there/done that and I get some good pointers from her!!

Levi loves his new football chair!! When we first pulled it out he even posed for me!!

Levi also LOVES his Uncle Kyle. Kyle is in Turkey for 3 weeks on a mission trip with his girlfriend and her he came over the night before he left last week to play with Levi. Levi got the royal treatment and got pulled around the yard!!

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