Monday, June 22, 2009

5th Anniversary

Last year I wrote out our Love Story for all to read!! This year we headed to Denver for 4 days for some rest and relaxation. I'm a huge advocate that you have to have time to yourselves - especially once you have kids. To remember what you first enjoyed about one another, to not have the pressures of life and routine constantly weighing on you and to just enjoy each other. It's amazing how refreshed I feel coming back to a strong willed toddler and life as a sickly pregnant person!! What a blessing it is to be able to leave Levi for a few days and not worry at all about him. He had a fantastic time with my parents and playing with Sofia, Andrea, and Uncle Kyle!!
One highlight of my weekend was that I saw Stacy London and Clinton Kelly at our hotel the night we went to Elway's for dinner!! They are the hosts of "What Not To Wear"!!

I wasn't bold like when Steve Martin was eating a few tables away in 'The Players' restaurant on Rodeo Drive 14 years ago...back then I got my picture taken with him!! My friends were absolutely mortified that I asked him to take a picture, but they still hopped in for the photo opportunity. This was back in the days when Father of the Bride had just come out - my favorite movie of all time.

You can see my belly in this picture. I always wish I took more pictures once I've had the baby - but I feel so crappy it is the last thing on my mind.

6 years ago John asked me on our first date to go to a Rockies game. We headed to Denver and John immediately noticed that the stadium was empty...he had gotten the date wrong!! He is a planner, so this was not a welcome surprise for him. I on the other hand didn't long as we were together and had fun. I suggested we go to the ESPN Zone instead!

Dinner at the ESPN Zone!!

John calls the ESPN Zone a "Sports Bar on Steroids". It is insane the number of TV's they have going. You have one at your table that you can change the channel on, plus they have them in every stall in the bathroom.

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josh said...

Congratulations on your 5th wedding anniversary!!! Wow! Glad you guys took the time to enjoy each other...btw, you look VERY adorable!!!