Monday, June 8, 2009

Saturday Events

We go down to Platte Furniture (my parents furniture store) weekly so I can do some things for them. Levi loves getting to see Uncle Kyle and Poppy while there. Once I can't keep up with him anymore he will be zooming around the store like Kyle and I did as kids...hopefully he doesn't crack his head open on the furniture the number of times we did!!

Levi loves getting on the furniture dolly and Kyle carts him around. This particular day he saw a dolly and went running to it and proudly sat on it...waiting for Uncle Kyle to push him around!!

All ready for a ride!!

The next activity Levi enjoyed was running up the ramp into the furniture truck, running around the inside of the truck and back down the ramp. Of course he had to have Kyle's cell phone to complete the task.

My little chair model...

After the Furniture store we went to the park for some fun!!

Levi stood like this forever and watched the big boys play basketball!


Brenda, Floral Design Specialist/Owner said...

I LOVE these photos! He's getting so big! That backwards hat...he's a ladies man! :)

Dana said...

I love the pic of him leaning back on the dolly. So cute!