Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on Me

I keep meaning to post new updates on how things are going but I keep putting it off. Since I last updated I have remained on the Zofran medicine pump and have been on and off the IV. Every time the nurse came to start an IV she had a very difficult time getting one started. About a month ago they had everything set up to have a PICC Line put in which I was fine with because then I wouldn't be poked extensively each time. However, after being on the IV for a few days I started to get extremely depressed. I don't sleep well because I have to pee every couple of hours, I also have to keep my arm in a particular position to protect the IV from infiltrating. I kind of had a freak out and called and begged them not to do the PICC Line. I started guzzling fluids to hydrate myself. Every morning I take a test to see how dehydrated I am, as well as, I weight myself every morning - I then have to report these to my nurses at Alere (home healthcare company) daily. The Zofran that I take doesn't work as well when you are dehydrated and I am not able to keep anything down when I get dehydrated - so it is important to stay on top of my hydration levels.

I have had an IV started 3 times since then. Last week they poked me 7 times to get it started. I have found a couple of people who are willing to come and watch Levi and help me keep the house in order a couple days a week so. This has been a huge blessing because I can rest like I need to. Motion makes me sicker. Having to be up cleaning or running after Levi takes its toll on my body - it is especially difficult when I have to go out of the house.

John just finished one of the houses he was flipping so he has been home to help me during the day as well. It has been amazing to have him around to help. Currently he is in Breckenridge snowboarding with a friend that is in town. I have had my sweet Andrea here to help me while he's been gone. I'm so happy he is up there - he deserves some fun!!

A nurse in coming today to restart on IV on me. I am severely dehydrated again. We continue to pray and believe that I will feel awesome soon. Anytime between 14-19 weeks is what we are expecting. Will you pray with us? It is very difficult with the IV pole and Levi. I get frustrated easily because the tubing gets caught on everything that sticks out and my pole is not easy to take with me. I had to put nails all over the house so that I have somewhere to hang the IV bag without my IV pole following me everywhere!!

On a bright note I found a 3d/4d Ultrasound business in town that will tell us the sex of the baby at 15 weeks! I am so excited and can hardly wait to find out! Normally we would have to wait until 19 weeks. It is a blessing to have that to look forward to in less than 2 weeks!!

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Brenda said...

THis is the first time I've been able to check your blog in several weeks! We are praying for you to regain strength, health, and hydration!!!! Can't wait to hear if it's a girl or boy! :)
Love you