Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Levi was constipated and miserable for quite a few days. First, the doctor had us put 1/2 teaspoon of dark Karo Syrup in his bottle. That worked the first time we did it, but then it stopped working. Second, the doctor had us use Babylax - a liquid suppository. Even though it was effective immediately, neither Levi or I enjoyed that at all. Then they told me to massage his rectal area with a Q-tip covered with lubricant - that was not effective at all. Finally, I began giving Levi a bath twice a day. I would fill his bath tub up to his chest, put a wash cloth over him to keep him warm, and I would rub his intestines. This works so well!! I am now down to one bath at bedtime and he is going regularly again! Plus, he sleeps so well after having a nice relaxing bath. He even falls asleep in there sometimes!! WARNING: They may poop in the bath - but that is good!! It is amazing how my baby's poop doesn't gross me out! :)

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