Monday, September 17, 2007


The last 3 days I have had a "bug" that is going around. I will get a fever that makes me feel awful for about 3 hours and my nauseau and vomiting has been about 3 times worse. I called the on call doctor Thursday night and she said to go in when my temp goes above 100.5 - well, last night it was at 102. My PICC line has to be watched closely because a high temp could mean I have an infection - which could be very serious. I was so mad. I did not want to go to the ER again - pay the deductible and hang out there all night - plus, i just felt awful and didn't want to get out of bed. I was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing as we got ready to go and drove there. I am going nuts!!

The ER sent me to the Birth Center - which they didn't need to because I wasn't there for the baby. So I had to get monitored for contractions, Levi's heartbeat, check my cervix - all of that when I wasn't even there to have Levi checked. I am still having very consistent contractions but am only dilated 1 cm. Plus, the nurses in the Birth Center know absolutely NOTHING about a PICC line. They still all want to look at it and make sure it looks alright. Every time I've gone this happens, and the nurses say the same thing, "Oh that doesn't look good. I think it's infected." I try to tell them it has looked the same since day one - but they insist it must be infected. I get annoyed with this because I know they know nothing about it - yet they all have to give me their opinion. (You can see how much patience I have right now).

Finally, after 2 hours in the Birth Center we were sent to the ER to get checked for an infection. Once there i was informed that they would start an IV in my right arm... This did NOT go over well. I fought with all the nurses and the doctor - please, do not start another IV!! Is there any other way to go about this? They informed me that it was the way it had to be. I informed them that was NOT the way it was going to be.

I lost. They drew blood and started an IV in my right arm - I was sobbing and sobbing. I am so tired of all this. And the IV hurt SO bad - I have never had one hurt like that. Then I was hooked up to a machine to monitor my heart rate, another one for my blood pressure - I had tubes coming from my body all over the place. I was not happy. I could barely move with all the cords and was so uncomfortable. I am SO thankful for my PICC line - it was the best thing that happened throughout all this. Thank you Jesus!!

They told us that if my PICC was infected, they would take it out, admit me to the hospital and possibly induce me. It was quite exciting to think I could be having Levi this week - but we knew my PICC line was fine and it wouldn't happen. It is amazing because God has given John and I such peace throughout everything. We have always known everything was fine and haven't panicked each time we go to the ER.

After waiting and waiting the results came back that my PICC Line is fine. I finally got all the tubes and hook ups taken off and went home. We got home at 4:30 am.

For all you that have told me I am strong - you should have seen my last night. I was, and still am, a mess. I never thought that I might not want to ever be pregnant again - but after the last few days - I think we should consider adoption. However, I hear that once you have that baby in your arms it is all worth it. Thank goodness this journey is almost over - I can't take much more.

John had the virus I have last week. At one point he was complaining about the nauseau and aching and how badly he felt. I said, "Imagine feeling that way and throwing up several times every day for 8 straight months." He looked at me and said, "Yeah, imagine LIVING with someone who feels that way for 8 months." I said, "Oh yeah, good point." We are both ready to be done with the phase!! It has been a rough year!! We are due for some great times - coming soon!!

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Anonymous said...

When I read your comments I wonder why I ever complain at all. Please know you are covered with prayer every day. May God bless you as you near the end of pregnancy. Little Levi will soon have you and John with your hearts wondering how you lived with out him. Blessings in Jesus, Ken