Saturday, April 17, 2010


We had fun in AZ for the last week and a half. This trip was a wake up call for me though. Ever since I was little my family has gone to AZ several times a year. My parents have a home there and we love to sleep, eat, swim, shop, golf and relax. It has always been like a time warp - you go there and never want to come home. Well this trip with a toddler and an infant was a wake up call for me. Before John and I were married I would go with a couple families as a nanny on their trips and watch their kids when they wanted to go out. I now fully understand that. We needed a nanny, bad. A "family vacation" is not a vacation - it's a trip that takes even more work than usual. We did have lots of fun though and it was so nice to have my parents help out while there. Here are some of the fun pictures!!

Levi was having fun kicking and getting wet before going swimming.

Levi is usually so sweet and smiley but the last half of the trip he was a pistol. Definitely strong willed with his own agenda.

John reminded me several times that he gets it from me.

Maybe he gets his cuteness from me too then? Something good other than the tantrums I threw as a toddler?

How can such a cutie be such a stinker?

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Dana said...

That's a great idea to bring a nanny along on vacation. It feels like you need a vacation afterwards when you have the kids. Looked like a fun time! Those boys are so cute!