Sunday, September 6, 2009

Levi can be so sweet with Zane. He loves to hold him. He can also be the biggest stinker. It is a challenge to discipline this strong willed child while breastfeeding!! His favorite thing right now is to throw everything on the couch, that's within reach, onto the floor while I'm feeding Zane - all the pillows, blankets, Zane's clothes, diapers, wipes. It is making me a little crazy. :-)

I am so done with Zane having to be on oxygen. He is still on the lowest level possible. I am frustrated because the oxygen company just takes their time. I don't want him off the oxygen before he needs to be - but if he is breathing fine without then lets get rid of it!! They came last week and tested him without oxygen for an hour - he did great. Then they come next week and test him for 2-3 hours. Then, if he does well, they come back the NEXT week and test him overnight. UGGHHH!! If he is breathing fine why can't we do those test a couple days later? They keep stretching it out!! The main annoyance is the 50 foot tubing that Levi likes to use as a lasso and that he gets tangled up in. There have been many spankings over grabbing the tubing and yanking on it - poor Zane's little head gets jerked around so much. Not to mention Zane pulling the Canula tubing out of his nose and getting it stuck up in his gums.

John and Levi at the Balloon Classic

Zane in the sling

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Dana said...

Zane will remember all of this and take care of Levi in a couple of years. Just wait until you are posting about the brotherly fights.