Friday, December 19, 2008

One thing I haven't quite mastered is the art of always having my camera ready and within reach. Like the time Levi had a diaper rash and let him air dry (as I normally do) before I caked the diaper creme on: I was reading on the couch, Levi was playing with his toys, I started to smell something unpleasant, after a few minutes I could STILL smell WHATEVER it was...I look over and Levi is standing in his poop, with a pacifier in his mouth that has poop on it, his legs, face and hands covered in poop. Yuck. I immediately felt like a bad parent and decided I would never tell anyone. After cleaning him up I called and told my mom...the first thing out of her mouth? "Did you get a picture?" "NO!! I didn't get a picture! My son was standing there covered in poop, with a poopy pacifier in his mouth!!" Brenda will appreciate that story. She has more kid poop stories than anyone I know. I was even a participant in cleaning some of them up.

So, all that to say, I finally got a picture of Levi doing something funny. It is no match for the poop story, not nearly as gross or funny, but I was proud of myself for grabbing my cell phone camera!! Next time I will get a picture with my real camera!!

We have set up a chair barracade to contain Levi. I was about to get him dressed for swim lessons and I found him teetering on his head, in the middle of an escape attempt, half crying and half laughing.


Dana said...

Now you are a true blogging mom! Ready with the camera at a moments notice. I have some poop pictures. Syd took off her diaper during nap time. Yuck! I feel for you!!

brenda said...

Oh I feel your pain! I do not miss those days! :) I miss their tiny little snuggliness, but not the poop! Rach was the queen of that, wasn't she?!