Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun in Arizona

Kalyn and Levi got to meet and play together.

Robin and I got to hang out and actually have some conversation while the babes slept!!

The is THE "Look" of mischief!!!

Helping Grandpa. This should not be done at home, unless under strict supervision (all for the sake of a picture):

Levi is in love with Poppy's hats!! Anytime he sees him and he doesn't have a hat on he is very confused!!


Bosse Posse said...
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Bosse Posse said...

That was a good day! For the first time, in I don't know how long, we got to just sit and talk. It was so good to see you, I always enjoy my time with you.

be_a_Mary said...

How FUN that you got to hang with Robin & Kayln! such cute pictures!