Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life's Inventory

About a month ago Levi and I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for a book honoring Cancer Survivors. Some of the women in the book are currently going through treatment and some are a few years out. Each individual had their picture taken with a sword. The sword signifies the triumph over cancer. Levi was included in the photo because of God's hand in protecting my female organs. Last night was the Book Signing for this project. What an honor. The books were sold in conjunction with Memorial Hospital and all proceeds go towards a retreat for women going through treatment.

October 11th marked the 11th year anniversary of the surgery removing the grapefruit sized mass. In the past 10 years I have never been in a room full of women who have walked through cancer. To be in a room full of women who have all walked through chemo treatments, all been sick, all lost their hair and everything else that treatment entails was simply amazing. I loved talking to each woman and hearing her story. I was honored to be in their presence and to see the hand of God in each life. The book is entitled "Life's Inventory: Strength, Faith, Family"

I have never thought of myself as a "cancer survivor". I don't know why, I just don't, I never have. I've always seen that time in my life as a tremendous blessing - it didn't feel like i was trying to overcome something bigger than me. Yes, it was incredibly difficult, I cried many tears, it was scary and overwhelming as times - but God's presence was so strong that I didn't waver. I felt like God was trusting me with something precious. I wanted to make my Daddy proud. One night as I prayed and sat in the Lord's presence I felt like the Lord whispered to me that the wig I wore was a crown that He had bestowed upon me. The Lord was "crowning" me during that time. I wasn't taking that as being exceptional or better than anyone else. It was more like my Heavenly Daddy was smiling down me and I was basking in His adoration. Even now, as I write, it is hard to comprehend. I felt like He trusted me.

This is a part of my story that I am always contemplating what God wanted it to mean. I don't want to miss what He has for me. I don't want others to miss something He has for them because of me. I love when God provides opportunities to use something I learned a long time ago to check where I am right now. I don't want to take life, love, good health, friends, or family...all the simple things in life....for granted.


Dana said...

What a blessing your story is for other women. That group and book sounded amazing.

I missed not seeing you at the reunion! VK got a much needed makeover. It was fun to walk up the path and see our window.

Bosse Posse said...

One of my favorite things about you is that you never want to miss something God has for you or through you to others. I love listening to your insight and've gained so much of it because you walk through life with your eyes open ...the name of your blog even shows that. I really appreciate that about you. It makes you a great wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

be_a_Mary said...

how wonderful that you could be a part of that book project! i was very inspired by your courage during that time!!