Sunday, May 25, 2008

Favorite Things Addendum

I decided I should share some of my current "Favorite Things" - just like Oprah (even though I think Oprah is a weirdo now)!!

1. Yummie Tummie

Mom and I just discovered these awesome tanks in AZ!! They are the most comfortable slimming items we have found. They were featured on Oprah's Favorite Things for Summer. They have a lot of different colors - and they have long ones that cover your booty and are perfect for wearing with a dress!!

The Yummie Tummie tanks feature a secret minimizing panel that shapes the entire waistline from the bust to the hips, visibly taking off inches. The firm microfiber panel smooths and naturally wicks away moisture from the body. Made with sleek yarns that do not cling, the exclusive dual fabric strategy provides a modern look and full coverage that stays in place. The tank's extra long design provides a garment that does not roll up over your belly and is great for layering over or tucking into jeans, pants and skirts.

Yummie Tummies come in two lengths, long and regular. The only difference is that the long model is approximately 3" longer than the regular. If you are tall or have a long torso, or you want to create a layered look that you can pull down over the bum, order the long model.

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2. Praise Baby Collection
I love these videos!! They feature calming praise music to pictures of kids and babies playing, fun colors and images. Anytime I start this video Levi is instantly mesmerized. Anytime I need 40 minutes to get something done I turn this on for Levi!! I love the music! It is so sweet and calming!!
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3. BabyCook
This is from Williams-Sonoma and is amazing!! I had planned on making Levi's food but this helped make it a reality! You steam the fruits or vegetables in the steam basket and then it has a blade to puree the food. It is so simple. All you have to do is cut up the food and then turn on the steamer and then the processor!! I don't think I would be making his food if it weren't for this item!
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4. Baby Cookbook
This is from Williams-Sonoma as well and it offers various yummy recipes based on the babies age!!
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5. Baby Cubes
I just got these a few days ago and they work so well. Previously I had been pouring the baby food into ice cube trays, freezing them and then storing them in ziploc bags. This makes it simple to store the right amount until you need them!!
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6. The Magic Bullet
Brenda told me about this several years ago but we just recently got one! It makes it so easy to make shakes and blend anything you need to! Way better than a blender!! Everyone should have one!
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7. Vidalia Chopper Wizard.
It makes chopping so much faster!! I love it!! You can buy it in most Walgreens. I want the Vidalia Slicer Wizard but haven't gotten it yet!!
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